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Over the past several years the rental market has been exploding nation-wide.  In fact, many landlords are making high returns on their properties, getting 10% or more. But as the housing market has began to grow again, the rental market has started shrinking. However, there are still many great places to both rent and become a landlord.

Anderson County, South Carolina has been named one of the best markets to become a landlord. Anderson is located southeast of downtown Greenville, and it has prime conditions for perspective landlords. Three conditions that impact rental markets are median home price, average rental rates, and unemployment rates.

In Anderson the landlords are receiving 15.3% in returns, which is far above the 10% national average.  This is due to the fact that the average home price in Anderson is $70,000 and the rental rates sit around $900. Anderson also has a great job market, having an unemployment rate of 4.3%, and with a university and several auto part manufactures, there is great potential for future growth as well.

If you are a landlord or renter moving into a new space in the Greenville area, then contact your local moving company to make your move as seamless as possible. All My Sons moving and storage can provide you with the best moving experience  that you can find.


Your Greenville professional movers are glad to learn of TD Bank’s plans to increase hiring in South Carolina. The bank’s customer service call center will open next month in Greenville and in time will employ 550 employees. TD actually forecasts roughly 1,600 new jobs to hit the South Carolina job market within the next four years. Your Greenville relocation service providers celebrate the coming of new jobs to South Carolina, and not just because hiring leads to people moving for work; hiring is great for the economy!

Your Greenville professional movers have a heightened sense of home-turf pride today. As it turns out, the livability in Greenville has become a source of inspiration for other South Carolina areas. Huntsville leaders recently paid a visit to Greenville to take notes and acquire a ‘wish list’ of ideas for future projects in their city. Among many ideas gained during the visit, the team from Huntsville noted new living spaces, added entertainment venues, and an increase of branding to be key factors in bettering the livability in their area. Your Greenville movers have always admired the lovely sights and attractions here in our town, and it is quite the compliment to our city to be held in such high regard. Other ideas inspired by Greenville include new parks and fountain installments, as well as the removal of coin-operated parking meters. No more parking meters? Your Greenville relocation specialist approves!

Good news for motorists in Greenville (especially your professional movers!) Gas prices in Greenville are about 30 cents lower than they were a year ago today! To make matters even better, gas prices have gone down about 15 cents since last month. Your professional Greenville movers love to see fuel costs go down. Not only are we able to save money on fuel used providing residential moving services in Greenville; lower fuel prices means savings on our customers moving costs! Considering that the summer months are notoriously referred to as “moving season,” we know that the drop in gas prices couldn’t have come at a better time!

Good news is in store for Greenville’s job market! This has actually been quite a good year for South Carolina as far as new job opportunity for its residents is concerned. Recently, TD Bank announced plans for a regional headquarters to be relocated to Greenville which will create 1,600 new jobs within the company alone. Aside from the bank positions soon-to-be available, construction necessary for TD’s acquisition of Greenville territory will create construction jobs as well. Your movers here in Greenville are pumped for the thousands of job openings as people often relocate for employment, and your moving team loves to stay busy!

Your Greenville area movers are pleased to report that the funding provided by the South Carolina Homeownership and Employment Lending Program has made a big difference in nearly 150 local families here in Greenville. The program (SC HELP) has reportedly had more success than any other program of its kind to date. SC HELP is dispensing nearly $300 million provided by the U.S. Treasury Department, other states receiving similar funding from treasury include North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island; $600 million total in relief funds have been provided for families facing financial problems related to unemployment and other current issues. President Barack Obama instituted the nationwide “Hardest Hit Fund” early in the year of 2010 to provide assistance to families and regions most affected by the housing slump. Your professional movers are happy that 135 Greenville families will receive help in this very urgent time of need.

Considering that every box packed for your move is subject to motion during your transition, protection for items within your moving boxes should be provided to avoid potential accidents during your move. Materials such as bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts are often put to good use for packages shipped with delicate contents inside. As your boxes will also be shipped on board your Greenville local movers’ truck, the same safety precautions for your boxed household goods should be taken.

Packaging material to protect your boxed items from inside the box is very ideal for anybody who is moving. However, the cost of this type of protective packing material can really add up, and the last thing anybody needs during their move is additional expenditures. Rather than shelling out more of your hard-earned money on bubble wrap or packing peanuts, consider the use of household items you already have instead! There are several items around the house that function well in protecting boxed items, and putting these items to good use will save you time and money during your move!


The once quiet mountain town of Simpsonville has really woken up since the ‘80s. In 1982, the opening of the interstate highway which sped up travel time to Greenville also sped up day to day life in Simpsonville by breathing new life into the local economy. Today along with the still-functioning-highway, fantastic schools, safe secure neighborhoods, and nice weather make Simpsonville a hot destination for people on the move. Your Greenville movers relocated a lot of families to Simpsonville on a regular basis. In fact, since 1990 Simpsonville’s population has increased by more than fifty percent. For people living in Simpsonville, there is rarely a dull moment. The Charter Amphitheatre showcases many big acts such as B.B. King and Bob Dylan who both have performed in Simpsonville recently. Families can also enjoy local festivals such as next month’s Goblinfest and the annual Christmas Parade!

What factors effect your utility bill aside from the company to which you send the bill every month? If you have recently moved into a new place, you may find out first-hand what factors have the biggest effect on your pocket bill when it comes to your home’s utilities. There are a lot of factors which you should be aware of so that your utility bills can remain as low as possible!

Drafty doors and windows are a huge factor when it comes to your electric bill; especially in the summer. If you notice a draft escaping through a door or window, draft guards are cheap and make for an efficient way to prevent your air conditioner from working overtime and also from driving up your electric bill. Another factor relating to the climate control in your home is your air vent. Each vent in your home should be free of dust and debris which may build up over time so that air can flow through your home freely and cool/heat your space efficiently.

If you are moving into an apartment, the floor that you’ll be living on also can affect your electric bill. If you will be moving into a top floor unit, you may be free from noisy foot traffic from neighbors, but at the expense of losing the insulation that comes from living below another apartment. Apartment units which are more centralized benefit from the added insulation provided by neighboring units which cuts down on the power needed to keep temperatures inside at a comfortable level.

If you have a freezer with an automatic ice maker, you should consider NOT using it. The gears which operate the ice maker have to work harder than you may realize considering the freezing temperature inside your icebox. Opting for ice trays is a cost efficient way to make ice cubes and can save you cash on your utility bill which is always good!

Saving money is always a good thing! If you are looking to move soon, hire movers who can provide cost efficient moving services for you. The best way to save money on hiring movers is to hire a reputable company which capable full-time crewmembers on staff who know how to move you quickly to save you time and money!

The more organized you already are, the easier it is to pack and move to your new home. Unless you plan to live in the same home for the rest of your life, a little organization is definitely worth the effort considering the pay-off you’ll receive in the form of stress-free moving when the time comes. Even if you aren’t moving any time soon, the clean-home-is-a-happy-home effect is also worth the effort of getting organized. Throw junk away, donate unwanted goods, or even opt for a long term or temporary storage solution. You’ll be glad you did no matter what your situation!