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Spring Cleaning Before Your Greenville Move

It is almost time to do some serious spring cleaning in your Greenville home, especially if you plan to move locally or move long distance!  Your home will soon be another family’s new home as well.  So on top of spring cleaning for yourself, you should consider your home’s new inhabitants as well.  Your Greenville mover has a tip for anybody who has foul odors in the fridge!  Not only is an offensive fridge smell unpleasant, it can also be embarrassing to you if your house’s new residents happen to be the opinionated type.  This simple tip will help everybody out though!  Just take a rolled up newspaper –you should have plenty of this material lying about as you’ll likely use news print to protect your dishes- and stick it in the fridge… That’s all there is to it!  News paper has an amazing way of absorbing odors and is very effective when used to treat a stinky fridge!  Try it out, you’ll be glad that you did, and the effort required is zero!

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