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Over the past several years the rental market has been exploding nation-wide.  In fact, many landlords are making high returns on their properties, getting 10% or more. But as the housing market has began to grow again, the rental market has started shrinking. However, there are still many great places to both rent and become […]

Your Greenville professional movers are glad to learn of TD Bank’s plans to increase hiring in South Carolina. The bank’s customer service call center will open next month in Greenville and in time will employ 550 employees. TD actually forecasts roughly 1,600 new jobs to hit the South Carolina job market within the next four […]

Your Greenville professional movers have a heightened sense of home-turf pride today. As it turns out, the livability in Greenville has become a source of inspiration for other South Carolina areas. Huntsville leaders recently paid a visit to Greenville to take notes and acquire a ‘wish list’ of ideas for future projects in their city. […]

Good news for motorists in Greenville (especially your professional movers!) Gas prices in Greenville are about 30 cents lower than they were a year ago today! To make matters even better, gas prices have gone down about 15 cents since last month. Your professional Greenville movers love to see fuel costs go down. Not only […]

Good news is in store for Greenville’s job market! This has actually been quite a good year for South Carolina as far as new job opportunity for its residents is concerned. Recently, TD Bank announced plans for a regional headquarters to be relocated to Greenville which will create 1,600 new jobs within the company alone. […]

Your Greenville area movers are pleased to report that the funding provided by the South Carolina Homeownership and Employment Lending Program has made a big difference in nearly 150 local families here in Greenville. The program (SC HELP) has reportedly had more success than any other program of its kind to date. SC HELP is […]

The once quiet mountain town of Simpsonville has really woken up since the ‘80s. In 1982, the opening of the interstate highway which sped up travel time to Greenville also sped up day to day life in Simpsonville by breathing new life into the local economy. Today along with the still-functioning-highway, fantastic schools, safe secure […]

The more organized you already are, the easier it is to pack and move to your new home. Unless you plan to live in the same home for the rest of your life, a little organization is definitely worth the effort considering the pay-off you’ll receive in the form of stress-free moving when the time […]

Unborn baby girl, Marriah Greene, is gaining a size-able following before she has even seen the light of day, and it all started when her parents set up her very own facebook account. Expecting parents, Ellie and Matt, created the facebook profile for their daughter-in-the-womb as a creative way to spread the news to friends […]

Health-focused food company, Amy’s Kitchen, is moving to Greenville to a former Sara Lee bakery to expand business on the east coast. Amy’s Kitchen is already a well known name in the natural food business in California, Oregon and the United Kingdom, the food company is even the “Official Pizza” of “The Greatest Movie Ever […]