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Should I hire movers?

Depending on the size of your home, moving can be affordable. When deciding on a Greenville moving company or family and friends, there are a few things to consider. Although family and friends mean well, they are not experienced movers. Simply put, any nicks, scratches or items broken are your responsibility. Family is also under no obligation to arrive on time or move at the speed you desire. However, with skilled movers you are less likely to experience damage during your move. And if items are damaged you can file a claim with your moving company. You can also expect your movers to arrive at the time decided upon and move at a fast professional pace. All in all, you get what you pay for. Most Greenville movers work either by an hourly rate or a flat rate and it is estimated by the amount rooms and items you have to move. Traditionally two movers can adequately accommodate most one bedroom and two bedroom apartment moves. Most town-homes, condominiums and three bedroom homes require three or more movers. More than three bedrooms require four or more movers and an additional moving truck. All of the above is based upon average furnishings, of course if your home is loaded with furniture the amount of men and equipment may increase.

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