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Unborn baby girl, Marriah Greene, is gaining a size-able following before she has even seen the light of day, and it all started when her parents set up her very own facebook account. Expecting parents, Ellie and Matt, created the facebook profile for their daughter-in-the-womb as a creative way to spread the news to friends and loved ones that a new addition is on the way. With nearly three hundred friends and counting, it is safe to say that Mom and Dad accomplished their goal! Your movers in Greenville here think that Matt and Ellie had the right idea on how to spread the word, facebook has become the world-wide standard for advertising of any kind –seemingly over night!

Health-focused food company, Amy’s Kitchen, is moving to Greenville to a former Sara Lee bakery to expand business on the east coast. Amy’s Kitchen is already a well known name in the natural food business in California, Oregon and the United Kingdom, the food company is even the “Official Pizza” of “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” The expansion Amy’s is planning for the east coast will not only help the company, but also the Greenville area as well; 700 new job openings will be made available with the arrival of the new bakery. Jobs are also available here with your local Greenville movers. What a great time to move to Greenville!

The average cost of fuel in Greenville has fallen by just about a penny a gallon over the past week. This fall in gas price is far from significant, but when considering the rest of the nations average fuel cost, it is at least somewhat encouraging. While Greenville locals are paying about a cent less per gallon of gas than they were last week, the rest of the nation’s average fuel cost has gone up about three cents. Considering that gas prices have gone way up from where they were a year ago, this isn’t much of a victory over the rest of the country. But Greenville can still boast, “We have the best gas prices!” –and the best movers too!

If your household items could talk, what would they say on your moving day? Your belongings are part of what makes your house a home, your comfort zone, and if your home treats your well, then the contents inside deserve the same treatment on your moving day. Your Greenville movers treat your home and its contents like they deserve to be treated. Just like your bed provides a soft and cozy resting place for you each night, your Greenville movers provide a safe and comfortable trip for your furniture. Each piece of furniture in your home is carefully wrapped with complimentary quilted furniture pads and quickly but carefully carried and strapped into our spacious moving truck. No damage will be caused to your belongings because your movers here know how to treat our passengers. If your furniture could speak, each piece would thank you for the first-class accommodations you provided for them by hiring professional Greenville movers!

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen?  If so, then chances are high that your kitchen cabinets could use a little attention.  Kitchen cabinets and drawers come in contact with not-so-clean hands on a very regular basis, especially if your time spent in the kitchen includes a lot of cooking!  Assuming you don’t wash your hands each and every time you need access to what’s behind your cabinet doors –which you probably don’t- your kitchen cabinets have probably grown a bit messy over time.  Why not make a weekend project out of making-over the cabinetry in one of the most important rooms in your home?  Not only will you enjoy the new look once you are all finished, your house will look much nicer for when it is time to sell your place to move to your new home in the future!

For a cabinetry upgrade, you may feel an urge to do-away with the retro wood grain look your doors and drawers likely don now.  Bringing some color into the kitchen is an excellent way to make your home’s interior really pop!  Kitchen cabinets can be a little tricky though when it comes to painting, especially wood grain material.  It can be done though!  Follow this basic outline, and you’ll enjoy a much brighter beautiful kitchen until the time comes to move!

  • The first task for your project is to clean and sand the surfaces you will paint.  You may find that removing the cabinet doors makes this project easier, so definitely feel free to do so.  Sanding shouldn’t be too difficult a task, just a few passes on each surface should prepare your cabinets for the next step.
  • After cleaning and sanding, you’ll want to apply a coat of primer to the surfaces you’ll be painting so that the cabinets will accept the paint and give off a brilliant finish.  Most primers give off a rather strong odor, so make sure you complete this step in a well ventilated area.
  • After your primer has finished setting, it is time to beautify your cabinets with your choice color of paint!  It is important to be thorough during this step!  You will really love the results if you take your time, and apply two to three thin coats of paint.  Lightly sanding between coats is not a bad idea either, this provides your final layers of paint with the smoothest most ideal surface possible.  Allow to dry, and reinstall your cabinets!  You’re done!

Now that your cabinetry has a new colorful look, you’ll likely spend even more time cooking up meals and congregating in the kitchen!  With a newly acquired appreciation for all the hardships your cabinets go through, more frequent cleanings of your cabinet drawers and doors may also come into play!  Your professional movers here in Greenville can’t wait to see your work!

It is almost time to do some serious spring cleaning in your Greenville home, especially if you plan to move locally or move long distance!  Your home will soon be another family’s new home as well.  So on top of spring cleaning for yourself, you should consider your home’s new inhabitants as well.  Your Greenville mover has a tip for anybody who has foul odors in the fridge!  Not only is an offensive fridge smell unpleasant, it can also be embarrassing to you if your house’s new residents happen to be the opinionated type.  This simple tip will help everybody out though!  Just take a rolled up newspaper –you should have plenty of this material lying about as you’ll likely use news print to protect your dishes- and stick it in the fridge… That’s all there is to it!  News paper has an amazing way of absorbing odors and is very effective when used to treat a stinky fridge!  Try it out, you’ll be glad that you did, and the effort required is zero!

Your Greenville area mover may soon be accepting a new currency for all South Carolina relocation services.  A proposition has surfaced recently suggesting that a currency that is exclusive to South Carolina should be introduced to the state which would serve as a back-up plan in case of Federal Reserve collapse.  State senator, Lee Bright, will assemble an eight-member-subcommittee which will examine the proposal in-depth and deliver a report on the matter at the tail end of this year.  As would be expected, critics have mixed feelings on the matter, we’ll just have to wait and see how everything pans out!  What do you think?

You’ve made the decision to hire professional movers in Greenville; great choice.  You surely hired movers to avoid the hassle of heavy lifting, constant trips back and forth between your front door and your vehicle, and also the multiple trips back and forth between your current home and your new home.  And that makes sense!  However; if you don’t move every single day like your trusty Greenville movers do, you may need to chew on some food for thought.

Every house is different, therefore; your move is truly unique.  One characteristic that all shippers share, as unique as each move can be, is the need to keep costs low during a move in Greenville.  Preparation and communication are extremely important in accomplishing a move within your budget.  Your Greenville movers are a talented and very capable bunch, but unlike you, they haven’t seen your home.  Information is needed to prepare your Greenville relocation specialists for the best move possible to your new home.  Be aware of obstacles in your home, (stairs, long carries, narrow walkways, tight angles) and also of any items that may require extra special attention or man-power (pianos, hot tubs, big screen televisions, appliances).  Also, though your movers are capable of providing a full-service relocation for you, it may be within your best interest to handle smaller tasks before your movers arrive.  Packing your own boxes, disassembling furniture, consolidating boxes and smaller furniture into one common area; these are some of the tasks you should probably complete so that your move is finished quicker and so that your cost at the end of the day is as low as possible.  Don’t skimp on the details, and don’t be afraid to finish tasks that you are capable of completing without professional Greenville movers; this is the basic recipe for a deliciously pain-free moving experience!

Who out there hasn’t, at one point or another, longed to have his or her own personal genie to make life easier and more enjoyable?  As a child I’m sure I would have wished for something silly like the ability to fly or move at the speed of light.  As an adult, though super powers have not lost their appeal, wishes for eternal health and financial freedom would surely top my wish list.  How easy life would be if genies really did exist.

More realistically though, what a perfect business model for a Greenville moving company; to be like a genie!  The genie is the ultimate authority in customer satisfaction.  Inadvertently, the genie way is the business model for which your Greenville relocation specialists have been striving since our business was conceived.  Though there is yet to have been any magically-gifted members on our moving crew, more-realistic wishes are granted by your movers in Greenville on a daily basis.  If you are moving locally in Greenville or moving long distance, your wish for quick, efficient, and affordable relocation services is our command.  When and if you ever do find that real genie, you won’t have to waste moving wishes on your phantasmal friend, your Greenville movers have that covered!  Feel free to wish for flight capabilities, an invincible immune system, or infinite cash; there is no need to wish for a great move when Greenville’s most trusted relocation experts are on the job!

Vacations are what many of us look forward to all throughout the year.  Now that we are full swing with the holiday season, vacation time is so close you can feel it!  But before you pack your bags and board your plane, be sure that you’ve created a pre-vacation checklist so that your property is safe while you’re out of town.

  • If your home will be unoccupied while you are away, you should deplete your supply of perishable foods well in advance of your vacation.  So move your refrigerator and freezer foods either to your stomach or to the garbage so that you’re not faced with an unpleasant mess when you return from paradise.  Or leave a fridge full of snacks for your most trusted neighbor who will be keeping an eye on your home while you’re gone.  Also, be sure to empty all trash receptacles and move your garbage out to your neighborhoods designated collection site.
  • While on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your home and property.  Keeping your vacation worry free is easy though.  First, you’ll want to have a trustworthy friend or neighbor who will regularly check in to make sure everything is safe and sound.  While completely unoccupied though, there are ways to keep your home looking lively so as not to advertise to passers-by that your house is empty.  Nothing says, “Burglars Welcome!” like a house that stays dark for days.  Investing in a few programmable timers for your interior lights is the best way to avoid a crook-inviting home.  You can purchase such timers anywhere where fish aquarium supplies are sold.  With these timers, you can program on and off times for various lights in your home so that your home appears to be occupied during the time you are away.  Any electronics which plug into an electric outlet can be programmed by these timers, such as: televisions, floor and table lamps, or garden lights… Just be creative.  It is also a good idea to turn the ringer off on any land line telephones you have in your home.  If you are unable to put a hold on mail delivery, make sure that your mail and packages are collected by your designated house-sitter and safely kept for you.  You may also have your sitter move your car in and out of your garage.
  • To avoid unnecessary electricity usage while you are away, make sure and program your thermostat before you leave on vacation.  If the weather will be cold while you are gone, setting your thermostat to 65 degrees or so will cut down on power while you’re away.  Setting your thermostat to about 75 degrees is ideal for warmer weather areas.   If you live in a cold climate, you should also turn your water faucets on but limited to a slow trickle.  This is to prevent freezing pipes while you’re away.

You should be about ready to say ‘au revoir’ at this point.  Just make sure that you’ve checked everything off of your pre-vacation to-do list and you’ll be worry-free on your holiday getaway.  Your Greenville professional movers wish you a fantastic vacation!  And if you love your getaway so much that you decide to move there, your Greenville area movers do long distance too!